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Customer Services

Our goal is to satisfy your customers, through that of omnichannel advice. We deliver high quality solutions to improve customer experience and satisfaction.

Managing a number of clients can be a real balancing act. You want to offer the best experience possible to your leads and clients, avoid unexpected problems, and save money.

Do Contact already has a reputation for quality service and well-maintained clients. Because success is not just about getting clients but keeping them, we at Do Contact believe we can make your business be the first choice for you clients.

The business case for customer service is obvious. Your customers never have to think or complain about the condition of your service, and your business never has to wonder or worry about the customer recives a solution. It just gets done.


In other words, when it comes to customer services, almost no news is good news. At Do Contact, we don’t just maintain basic standards – we go above and beyond.

Some services you may contract with us are:

  • Customer service, inbound call center and outbound Atc Virtual-correos- web- whats app-social networks-Live chat- 24*7
  • Contact centre
  • Support service
  • Taking orders
  • Data entry- Leads
  • Support
  • Direct response
  • Call routing- transfers
  • Recording and monitoring interactions
  • Tracking through quality and training
  • Medical appointments and emergency
  • Lines 018000
  • Customer service (requests and complaints) P.C.C. inbound and outbound with estimated customer response times
  • Online product solution:
    • product delivery tracking,
    • dispatches,
    • returns,
    • exchanges,
    • warranties,
    • cross-selling,
    • service level,
    • reduced call time,
    • solution for your customers,
    • loyalty,
    • quick answers will be concise,
      the best experience for your customers
  • Back office:
    We help you with the tasks of your company, we refer to the management procedures that are usually made, once the customer’s call has ended, which has been able to generate a complaint, query, request.
  • Training and talent management:
    • Quality standards
    • Training and quality processes focused on improving service.

Leave the hard work to us

We will look forward to partnering with you to enhance your already outstanding reputation.

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Do Contact
Do Contact BPO is a Contact Center with Services from Marketing Advertising development strategys, analytics and sales process to fidelization process.

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