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We are a large company that integrates all digital aspects and data management into your telemarketing campaigns.

We combine Artificial Intelligence services with Real-time Lead Data Acquisition allowing you to make informed decisions according to the taste of your target market.

Our focus on Do Contact allows us to take the best of human data and talent to provide a practical approach to the theoretical, recommend, forecast and diagnose possible events of your brand regarding a product, service or brand itself versus your target audience.

We use omni-channel tools and research the feedback and needs of the potential customer and the real customer to position their products and services in the market.

Some kind of campaigns we may do for your business:

  • Inactive customer recovery campaign
  • Customer Loyalty Campaign
  • Survey Campaigns and Acceptance Surveys
  • Personalized and robotic product satisfaction and customer service
  • survey campaigns
  • Launch campaign
  • Promotion and Citation Events
  • Database upgrade campaign
  • Political and positioning campaigns
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Do Contact
Do Contact BPO is a Contact Center with Services from Marketing Advertising development strategys, analytics and sales process to fidelization process.

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