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Autopista Norte 97 - 50, Chico, Oficina 501, Colombia,
Ph: +01.800.705.5448
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Ph: +01.800.705.5448

Teleshopping & Video Production

We develop the whole process from the advertising guideline structure, websites, bot chat to sales.

We generate customer satisfaction and loyalty, generating trust between the company and its customers.

We place products on the market and track the telesales product through commercial management, compliance with metrics in conversions, using commercial means of guidelines such as paid TV programs, important websites, guidelines with newspapers and radio among other means.

  • Campaign creation
  • Personalized Sale
  • Order Care
  • Address Management
  • Sales by catalog
  • Outbound customer recovery campaign
  • Customer loyalty
  • Cross-selling
  • Handling catalogues and promotional codes
  • Product rotation
  • Advertising guidelines with activating plecas and tv channel grill


  • Strategy
  • Channels
  • Sales
  • Fidelization
  • Customer Service
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Do Contact
Do Contact BPO is a Contact Center with Services from Marketing Advertising development strategys, analytics and sales process to fidelization process.

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